About Him

H Venkitasubba Iyer, born on 20.3.1920, married to Smt. Devanayaki Ammal lived his life with a goal and attained fullfillment in what he did. He is the founder of three establishments Hari Kumari Arts (1946), Kany Handicrafts (1975) and Sreepadham Arts & Crafts (2011) in Sannadhi Street, Kanyakumari.
Sri Venkitasubba Iyer breathed his last and reached the feet of the lord on 25.6.2013 at Kanyakumari.
He was a leader, an enterperner, was goal oriented in all his actions, and above all was a most lovable individual, and a man with a strong family values.
Casting his role as a retail businessman and other personal items at Ramakrishna Stores, with practically no way of hope for economic or intellectual advancement, as a man of courage, wisdom and enormous vision, Sri. H Venkitasubba Iyer, made a personal decision and ventured into a business photographer totally new to the family.
The rest is a story of success after success, goal after goal. Hari Kumari Arts in 1946, Kanya Handicrafts in 1975 and Sreepadham Arts & Crafts in 2011 have born and prospered, and the business has developed and is being run successfully in Kanyakumari.
Changing with times from sale of soley Amman pictures in the beginning to include sceneries of Kanyakumari and Suchindram, Travel guides, he shifted his focus later from photography to handicrafts (both retail and wholesale).
He had the ability of innovation and took risks to establish a flourishing business. He has provided jobs to many in Kanyakumari town. He was a man of quick action and thought well in advance of what he wanted to do.
Age was not a barrier to him, he was very optimistic and he displayed extreme patience in solving difficult situvations in day to life, which has enabled him to be successful.
His legacy now is carried on by his sons, H Hariharan, V S Moni, H Ravi and H Murali in Kanyakumari. Contact them at 04652-246701 in Kanyakumari.