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H Venkitasubba Iyer, born on 20.3.1920, married to Smt. Devanayaki Ammal lived his life with a goal and attained fullfillment in what he did. He is the founder of three establishments Hari Kumari Arts (1946), Kany Handicrafts (1975) and Sreepadham Arts & Crafts (2011) in Sannadhi Street, Kanyakumari.
Sri Venkitasubba Iyer breathed his last and reached the feet of the lord on 25.6.2013 at Kanyakumari.
He was a leader, an enterperner, was goal oriented in all his actions, and above all was a most lovable individual, and a man with a strong family values.

Casting his role as a retail businessman and other personal items at Ramakrishna Stores, with practically no way of hope for economic or intellectual advancement, as a man of courage, wisdom and enormous vision, Sri. H Venkitasubba Iyer, made a personal decision and ventured into a business photographer totally new to the family.
The rest is a story of success after success, goal after goal. Hari Kumari Arts in 1946, Kanya Handicrafts in 1975 and Sreepadham Arts & Crafts in 2011 have born and prospered, and the business has developed and is being run successfully in Kanyakumari.